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Posting: 21-08-2107
Saturday (19/08/2017) Regent Mamasa H. Ramlan Badawi off the Trail Adventure participants "Merah Putih" Browse Alam Kondosapata. This activity is still in the series to enliven the 72nd anniversary of RI. Activities that take start and finish in Mamasa Football Field is sponsored by Dewata Trail Community, MWR Trail Sulbar, BNI, BRI, and BPD Sulselbar followed by approximately 300 participants.
According Munandar Wijaya Ramlan as Chairman of the Committee who is also the Vice Chairman of the Provincial Parliament. Sulbar said that iven Trail Adventure "Merah Putih" in addition to be held to enliven the commemoration of HIUT RI ke 72 also give special benefits to the participants. For beginners to give positive feedback how to appreciate each other in experiencing distress, how to learn to focus, and how to create teamwork. Another point that can be generated from this kagiatan especially for Mamasa that is with this activity the raiders who come from outside Mamasa to enjoy the natural atmosphere of Mamasa. The committee also prepares the doorprise to be drawn at the end of the event with the main prize of a motorcycle unit for the participants.
On the same day but in different places, the Regent of Mamasa also attended and released the Hajj pilgrims of Mamasa Regency kloter 28 embassation hasanuddin. In accordance with the report of the committee, as many as 103 hajj candidates from Mamasa regency released by the Regent of Mamasa.

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